UFO in sight

Do you know what an UFO is? No, I do not speak of flying saucers as we know them from the movies. I am talking about the UnFinished Objects, some DIY-project that was abandonned for one reason or the other during the making. No, you do not have that? Well, I do.

When I was searching for the pretty poppy fabric that FruBlomgren designed last year I found a box with such an UFO. And just in time, as next week I am participating in a sewing course with a friend. Such an opportunity to finish it finally if I am done embroidering it until then.

My UFO is the dress Ibela by Freuleins. Last year I won this pattern in FruBlomgrens embroidery contest for my cat dress. Marianne had made herself a wonderful poppy dress which I wanted to do for myself. Immediately I had orderd the fabric and even cut it. But then our summer holiday came so my embroidery had to wait until after the vacation when I did a poppy necklace on the front and a bunch of flowers on the front bottom. Then it was autumn and I abandonned the dress in favor of all the christmas embroidery on my list.

When it became spring again my embroidery machine was in to repair for quite some time so I forgot about that dress because of so much inspiration everywhere. But today I found my UFO again and started to embroider on the back side. I am looking forward that I will be done with all the embroidery that I want until my course next week. I think will be able to add another pretty dress do my suitcase for the next summer holiday.

By the way, I also found the pretty poppy fabric. And what I did with that I will show you soon.

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