End of school year presents for coaches

When my embroidery machine was so long absent because of the necessary repairs I had feared that I would not have the time to make some embroidered presents for my children’s coaches. But as the repair was done in time I still could do it at the last moment. Und now that they are given I can show them here.

My children do ballet and hip hop with the same coaches but in different courses. So each child needed a present for each coach, and as the coaches are married to each other, it should be the same type of presents but personalized.

So each of them got a small towel with an embossed design by Individual Pieces which I personalized with the name by font of my machine. And in order to be able to transport the towel and perhaps the dancing shoes they also got a three-dimensional bag with a diagonal zipper – another design by Individual Pieces. The diagonal zipper has two advantages. Firstly the opening is wider so that it is easier to insert a pair of shoes. Secondly there is more room for embroidery designs. Otherwise the chosen designs, which are not available in a smaller size, would have been to big for the purpose.

The bag for the female coach has her name on it out of the ballet font by Stitch Delight and a redwork ballerina by Julia’s Needle Design.

The bag of the male coach has also his name on it. Here I used the font of my machine and an initial of the free dance font by BuzzTools and a hip hop dancer by EmbroiderLibrary.

Both bags are made from faux leather on the top and fabric on the bottom and the inside. Both coaches were very happy about their presents!

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