Of the bliss of having finished a sewing project

At the beginning of May my husband chose some fabric on the fabric market in Kerkrade and asked me to make a wall curtain for his new office. So happy that he wanted something made by me, I immediately started to make that curtain. But why did I take me so long to write her about it, you may ask.

Well, the sewing was quickly done but then we needed a rod to hang the curtain on and what was even more difficult we needed a free day at the weekend to go to his office to hang the curtain and adjust the length there. And such a free day at the weekend was not to be found until today. There were so many parties, performances and sport events of our childrens schools and sports clubs that we hardly could draw breath.

But now both my husband and I are happy with the hanging curtain. The office resounds less and looks gorgous in the new colours of his company. And it gives me time to plan and make a wonderful patchworks wall hanging quilt which he will get for his office jubilee in 1-2-3 years.

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