Christmas in July

Christmas in Juli is an unofficial holiday in the southern hemisphere, where Christmas is actually celebrated in the summer. So residents from that area who wanted to have the wintry christmas feeling, began to throw Christmas celebrations in July, as that is the peak month of their winter season. We on the other side can now with 40°C in the shade today expierence how it is to have Christmas celebrations in the summer. Furthermore for all that want to gift handmade items the production time begins in Juli. Only 152 days until Christmas!

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Decorative thread cones

At the beginning of this year I told you about my dear husband’s love work for me when he made a special shelf for my embroidery threads. When I started embroidering three years ago I started with Amann-Mettler which makes absolutely lovely results. Last autumn I saw per chance an advertisement for the new German thread producer Smart Thread whose thread can be used for embroidery and for sewing with a regular sewing maschine and even a serger. That sounded interesting.

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A father’s happiness

My June was so packed with dates on the weekends that I totally forgot to do my second report on those Father’s days that are celebarated in June. In Belgium and Austria it is the second sunday, in The Netherlands, France and the English speakings countries it is the third sunday in June. So some designers released a freebie in June, and just to give a full report even though it is a little belated, here it is:

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