Happiness of summer holidays

Do you remember how we as school children could hardly wait until the summer holidays? After my final examinations I would never have thought to relive this feeling. But now – having school children of my own – I relive this old feeling.

Though the reasons are different from back then. Though my children are now enjoying their holidays I myself do not have yet my own. But still I am happy as the next six weeks will be less strenous for me then school time – getting up not as early, no homework, no hobby dates and less to wash as the children do not go to their sports.

And this means to me also that I will have more time for embroidering and sewing and doing nice things with the children. So as today as my daughter and me made pads for removing make up out of an old towel. These pads also work well as cooling pads on the eyes which is wonderfully relaxing in this sunny warm summer weather.

The designs are by Indiviudal Pieces and I used them while test stitching.

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