Crafting Day 2019

Today in Germany Crafting Day is celebrated and thanks to my returned embroidery machine I did celebrate it with lots of embroidery. Oh, how I enjoyed that.

Crafting Day is not an official world day but was invented by craft shops a couple of years ago just like the Quilting Day. Usually there are special sales going one, both in craft shops and online. Makerist is having a sale and Individual Pieces also.

The picture of the day show my bag for my crafting tool made of faux leather and felt. All designs are by Individual Pieces: a blank ITH bag for my 7.8x11in hoop decorated with the crafting dab sceletons and a saying set with a machine font. I embroidered both front and back, and as special effect I used glow-in-the-dark thread by SimThread for the sceletons. The picture does not do the effect justice but this is the best I can do with pictures.

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