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Usually I write on Sundays about luck and happiness. But I have to do that now as I am so happy that I feel like flying.

At the end of January my embroidery machine did not work properly any more because of several notches in bobbin race because of some needle breaks. Also the plate and the foot were damaged. At first the technician tried to smooth the notches away with a grindstone. But that did not work so the spare parts had to be ordered in Japan. Than I had to wait and wait until they arrived finally in the middle of May.

I had hoped that I would get my machine back last weekend as it was a long one. But taking the machine apart and back together is quite some work and so it took a little longer. He sent me an operation picture. Yesterday evening finally I got the message „done“. And so today after work I picked my beloved machine up and am so happy that I can start to work on my long list of ideas.

But who believes that I started right away stitching when I came home is wrong. I sat for 2 hours before her and thought about what I would do first. Should I work on what I did last in January – my 12-Days-of-Christmas wallhanging? Do a new bag for my electronical devices for me as my last one is almost broken after intense everyday use? Or start with the end-of-year-presents for the coaches of my kids?

Finally I decided on doing the first presents as the first one is due already in 10 days.

Finally I decided on doing the first presents as the first one is due already in 10 days. But that is another story for another day…

By the way my machine does not only look like new but also works like new. This has cost me a little less than one third of buying it new. So from now on it is being careful when doing vinyl – using only soft and thin material. And changing needles more often instead of risking it to break and damage the machine again.

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