Happiness is in the small things

that you finally do after some procrastination. Do you know the burden of 1.000 odds and ends? Looking at each one of them it is a mere trifle though it may take some time like satisfing the dentist’s bill, restitching the lost button, clearing the read books, sewing the eleastics on the new ballet shoes, and so on.

In the bustle of the daily routine this may be set aside perhaps because I want to do it calmly at the weekend. And then the weekend is there and with it a mountain of postponed odds and ends addionally to the usual weekend tasks. Oh dear. This sometimes leads to another postponement and another and another.

But this last week and during the weekend I have been very brave and reduced this mountain signifacantly (and made my family do the same). Now I am very happy and feeling light. No bad conscience sitting on the porch and enjoying the nice summer evening. However I would like to have another day off…

What is it that you procrastinate on? What motivates you to stop procrastionation finally?

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