Our new friend Maxi

Eight month ago my daughter and her best friend made shirt Pia (pattern by pattydoo). When then wanted to meet yesterday and wear their Pias they noticed that they had outgrown it. Oh dear, they are both grown at least 2 inches since then! Of course they asked me to do another one with them.

So we went to the fabric shop to buy new fabric. I had thought I would spent hours in there but they almost immediately fell in love with a mandala jersey and so only 15 min later we were back on the street with that printed jersey, a one-coloured jersey and glittering cuff fabric. Afterwards they browsed through my pattern library and decided on a short-sleeved variation of Maxi by pattydoo.

For today the plan demanded:

  • tape the printed pattern (15 min)
  • copy the pieces (15 min)
  • cut the fabric (2x 30min)
  • join the pieces (2x 1h)
  • applique the letters (2x 30min) and
  • making the hems (2x 30min).

I always underestimate that. Every single step never takes long, but as there a two girls that only can sew on after another it takes more time altogehter. But the final result is gorgous! After 5 hours of sewing we three are all very proud of it. And to make the shirts last longer we made them one size bigger than they would need actually.

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