Father’s Day

Today is Ascension Day, which is a holiday since 1934 in Germany. As the weather at this time of year is usually fine, it became a custom for men to wander in large groups of only men and drink quite lot of alcohol. What a fitting custom for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the same day in Germany.

But in contrast to Mother’s Day which is celebrated around the world on the same day there are several dates for Father’s Day. In mainly catholic countries like Italy and Spain it is on the day of St. Josef (March 19th). In Belgium and Austria it is analog to Mother’s Day on the second sunday of May on the second sunday of June. In English speaking countries, in France and in the Netherlands it is the third sunday in June.

As there is not only one day to celebrate but several there are not so many promotions as on Mother’s Day. But as there are quite a lot of German embroiderers there are already offers world wide fitting our date of Father’s day.

Free designs are here:

  1. EmbroideryGarden: designs for an apron for a father-to-be
  2. Wingsical Whims Embroidery: In the webshop the design „Happy Father’s Day“ with tie and bow tie can be bought for free
  3. AllSewCrafty: In the webshop there are several designs to download without login: „Best Dad ever“ (in 2 versions ), „You are the best Father ever“ and „Happy Father’s Day“
  4. PictureStitch: In the Facebook fangroup the designer said that she was working on a free Father’s Day design, a man with angel wings walking to heaven. As it is a British shop I guess it will be available on July 16th in the shop
  5. KreativUli: On the facebook site there is a download link to an emergency bracelet for Father’s Day
  6. Stickmops-Designs: In the facebook fangroup there is a mug rug „Es gibt nur einen besten Papa und das ist meiner“ and in the webshop another mugrug „Das Leben ist zu kurz für irgendwann“

Also there are some special sales to the occasion:

  1. AnntheGran: Father’s Day designs are on sale up to 80% until June 16th, as well as a sale on sports designs (also good for men) until the end of May
  2. EmbroideryDesigns: a 45% promotion on Father’s Day designs
  3. NewfoundApplique: 50% on Father’s Day compatible designs (and if you spent $5 or more you automatically enter the raffle)
  4. Fit2BStitched: 50% sale for a mug rug „Best Dad ever“
  5. SweatPea: as promotion there is a bundle of 2 BBQ designs and the second design is 50% off
  6. DesignsBySick : several designs in a bundle and the set is on sale for 30% of the price, once in a while one of them is for free
  7. BunnycupEmbroidery: several designs in the set „Sports Dad“ are reduced to 40%, once in a while one of them is for free
  8. Rock-Queen: A new design set with Father’s Day designs was released with a special introduction price (3,99 €) – one of them was offered as a freebie last friday, and most sets are on sale for 3,50€ (but you have to spent at least 4€)

Last year I stitched two bags for Mother’s and Father’s day made with faux leather and the embossed designs by Individual pieces. These bags we now use if the children gift coupons. As my embroidery machine has been out of order these last 4 month I haven’t done any designs yet. But perhaps I am lucky and my machine will be back before the Belgian Father’s Day. But what be a good present? I have no clue at the moment… What did you do? I would be happy if you would inspire me in the comments.

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