Day of the bee

Thirty years ago my dad bought two bee colonies in order to have his fruit trees better pollonized. Though I am allergic to the bees poison I loved to help him make honey. In the spacey bee keeper dress with hat, veil and pipe I felt safe. It is a pity that I do not have pictures of myself i that attire but my last time was twenty years ago and back then selfies with the mobile phone were not yet possible.

Since then the bees have been faring badly. Their numbers have decreased for several reasons. To make people aware of that and to hopefully help the bees to thrieve again last year the world day of the bee has been initiated in Europe. It has been terminated on the birthday of the slowenian bee keeping pioneer Anton Janša on May 20th – which is today. I wonder if this day is also held outside of Europe. Please enlighten me in the comments if you know it.

Though I do not have the time at the moment for bee keeping myself I still like bees. And therefore I love them when they adorn my table as embroidery designs such as straw embellishers, mug rugs and mug lid. These nice and natural embroidery designs I found at Individual Pieces.

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