Spare part delivery

At the end of January I told you about my broken embroidery machine. Since then I am waiting for the spare part to arrive – the bobbin race. Since then I have asked every fortnight if there were news. Finally last week he said, the Japanes would send it now.

And it acutually arrived at last yesterday. As excuse they said that over a staff exchange the matter was forgotten. But at least the bobbin race is finally here!

Today I brought my machine to the shop, but the technician could offer no finishing date. In order to put the new bobbin race into the machine it has to be pulled apart completely. This is obviously something that cannot be done quickly next to other things.

Furthermore his whole flooer was full of machines to repair – very old singers and berninas as well as newer brothers and others. I do hope, that they all are still waiting for their spare parts. I need to be stitching the presents for teachers and coaches as the end of term is near. In four weeks time I need the first ones …

So, please keep your fingers crossed for me that the technician does find time soon to repair my machine.

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