Count-down to Mother’s Day

Just as I had predicted, there will be more designers before Mothers’ Day that are offering free designs or sales, so here are some more ideas for you:

Free Designs can be found here:

  1. Individual Pieces: On the Facebook-Site there is a Download-Link, design is a versatile rose (I had the chance of test stitching this design and therefore it is the pictuer of the day)
  2. ItchinTwBitchin: In the Facebook fangroup there is a download to a „Mom“ bookmark
  3. Bastelspatz: In the webshop a mugrug for a LED teacandle
  4. EmbWin: in the webshop there is a bunch of roses with „Mom“ (Mom Free Embroidery Design #705)
  5. Hatch Embroidery: On the website there are severl designs, i.e. grandmother-mother-daughter by Nicola Elliot of PictureStitch or a sunglasses case. In order to download the free designs you need a free customer account.
  6. HillyDillyEmbroidery: In the Facebook fangroup there is a „Nana“ keyfob offered.
  7. CreationbyConnieEmbroidery: In the webshop a „SuperMom“ key fob is offered.
  8. Nähpark Diermeier: In the webshop the design „Liebe Gute Mama Beste Einzige Gute“ which is arranged in a heart is offered.
  9. Baumgartnerei: On the Facebook site the blog post has to be commented until the 12th of May, the site to be liked and an Email sent, in order to receive the free design by mail, design is „Mom is wow“
  10. ITH by Sher: In the webshop a flower key fob and a sewing pattern for a “Mom” mugrug are offered as the regular friday freebie
  11. PrettyNStitches Embroidery: In the facebook fangroup there is a “Best Mom” design
  12. LollipopsforBreakfast: in the webshop there is a postcard and a tag for free, as well as a price-reduced set with a mugrug and a postcard, both with a german saying
  13. ThreadModeEmbroidery: In the facebook fangroup a set with keyfobs with „Mum“ in different languages
  14. DesignsByBabyMoon : in the webshop there are keyfobs with „Mom“, „Mum“ or „Mam“
  15. Julia’s Needle Designs: in the facebook fangroup there is a mother’s day design to download
  16. DieflinkenSpulchen: in the webshop on Mother’s Day only a little chocolate case saying “Zum Muttertag” or “Zum Vatertag”
  17. EmbroideryPlayground: in the webshop there is a double heart planner band to buy for free
  18. PictureStitch: in the facebook fangroup there is a coupon to buy the gorgous angel in the webshop for free
  19. MyChaoticEmbroidery: in the facebook fangroup there is a keyfob with Mom in the infintiy loop
  20. JustSewSandy: In the webshop there is a keyfob with a heart and rose and “Mom” or “Mum offered – futhermore there is a shopwide sale of 25% until the 15th of May

Talking about sale there are several other designers who offer sales instead of freebies in their webshops:

  • StitchDelight: Sale on all Valentines designs that also fit the occasion of Mothers’ Day
  • SweatPea: By now there is also a 20% promotion on all designs in one’s wishlist until the 12th of May if you spent at least 50$
  • Newfoundland Applique: 40% promoion on all designs that are not on sale at the moment
  • RockQueen: There is a new set with designs on the occasion with a low introduction price and of course the friday freebie on the facebook site is also due to this occasion
  • Elfenidee: The new design „Cool mum/nana“ with a low introduction price is offered, furthermore there is a 25% sale shopwide until the 12th of May
  • Binimey: A new set with mother’s day texts with introduction price 20% off
  • Handliebe- Silvia: The designs for Mothers’s Day are reduced drastically.
  • Stick-Elli: A 30% promotion on all designs that are not yet reduced if you spent at least 10€ until the 12th of May
  • FruBlomgren on etsy: a 20% sale on Mother’s Day
  • LaKiiKi on Etsy: Embroidery designs, fabrics and petty wares are reduced up to 50%

So, now it is up to us to choose. Ifyou do not find a fitting mother keyfob it is your own fault. But which of all these designs does induce you? Have you already done something? If so, what? Please do inspire me …

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