Looking forward to Mother’s Day

Only a week left until Mother’s Day! The embroidery designers are offering lots of designs either in a sale or even for free. What would would you chose?

  1. Embroider Library: On the website one of the May freebies, design „Mom“ in a heart-wreath with flowers
  2. Artistic Threadworks: On the website one of the mugrugs for the occasion
  3. Bernina-Blog „We all sew“: 12 free project ideas
  4. The Mad Woman of Locke Street: On the website the Mother’s Day design is free for this week, design: flower wreath around „The Bestest Mom“
  5. BB Embroidery Designs: on the website they offer a mugrug in 7 sizes with a little poem and a flower
  6. FadenSpiel: on the facebook site with a link to dropbox until the 10th of May (afterwards for sale in the shop), design „Happy Motherday“ with heart
  7. Bertaria: in the facebook fangroup until the 10th of May, design „I love my Mum“ with flowers around
  8. Several German designers with German sayings (if interested please take a look on my German blog post “Vorfreude auf Muttertag”)
  9. And I am sure there will be more designers during the next week with offerings…

Futhermore several designers were earlier with their offerings a Friday freebies (which are for sale now):

  • Spunky Stitches: keyfob „Mom“
  • Lilas Laundry: keyfob „Mama bear“

Other designers offer sales instead of freebies:

  • Sweat Pea offers chosen designs in a 20% sale until Mother’s Day.
  • KreativeKiwi has a mug rug with a 3D rose in the 1$-sale.

I am looking forward to what my children will do for this occasion. By the way, two years ago my daughter made the wonderful mug rug by FruBlomgren of todays blog picture. It is the danish version to remind me of our lovely danish summer holidays. This design in three languages (danish, English, German) was a freebie in 2017 in FruBlomgrens facebook fangroup and it is still online there.

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