Father’s Day

Today is Ascension Day, which is a holiday since 1934 in Germany. As the weather at this time of year is usually fine, it became a custom for men to wander in large groups of only men and drink quite lot of alcohol. What a fitting custom for Father’s Day, which is celebrated on the same day in Germany.

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Day of the bee

Thirty years ago my dad bought two bee colonies in order to have his fruit trees better pollonized. Though I am allergic to the bees poison I loved to help him make honey. In the spacey bee keeper dress with hat, veil and pipe I felt safe. It is a pity that I do not have pictures of myself i that attire but my last time was twenty years ago and back then selfies with the mobile phone were not yet possible.

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Of the (bad) luck, to be universally interested

Forever I have been interested in many things and engaged myself at several places. I find it to be so inspiring to think about different things and to experience other views. As you can see in my blog in which I not only write about machine embroidery and sewing but also about other types of crafting as crocheting and beading, think about being happy, report about our travels, reflect about history and many other themes.

But sometimes my universalism makes me sad, usually then when I do not find time to work on one of my crafting projects, just as it happened this weekend. Besides the usual household work as tidying, washing and cleaning I wanted

  • to put up the pictures I bought during the holiday and got for Mother’s day
  • to Finish sewing the wall curtain for my husband’s bureau
  • to write a blog post about our Easter vacation on Lanzarote

But I did not find the time for that, and even the household work was not finished.

Because this weekend other things were due, that are definitely more important than household duties:

  • visiting a concert: Hugh Jackman – The Man. The Music. The Show. – a very versatile and entertaining evening
  • visiting aunt and uncle – both are more than 90 years old and much fitter than some being 25 years their senior
  • partaking the summer BBQ feast of the children’s sport club

So, it really was a very good and inpiring weekend!

Well, and thinking about the spring cleaning – there I am happy, too, it did not run away …