2019 – the first 111 days

Politicians newly inaugurated often reflect upon their first 100 days of work which I think is a very good thing to do. So I will use the Easter holidays to reflect upon the first 111 days of 2019: Did I meet my self-set goals with my crafting?

Goal No.1: to sew besides the embroidering (and diminuishing my fabric stash with that)
It was providential that my embroidery machine is defect, so I need to use my embroidery time for sewing. I have sewn so far

And acutally used only fabrics from my stash!
Furthermore I participated in a patwork class and did several projects there:

Goal No. 2: to write this blog
The first three months I wrote almost daily a blog post – all of them in my mothertongue German and also in English. Then my holiday came and I had neither the time nor the energy to write. I have a bad conscience about that – a little bit at least. But know I have again inspiration and energy.
I have done not only blog posts but also worked on my link lists:

Goal No. 3: to think and write about happiness every Sunday
The small things in live produce happiness. And writing about them prolonges the feeling. And therefore this post is part of this little happiness. Writing down what I have achieved already this year makes me happy. Of course there are others that are more productive than I am, but do they have a challenging job, two children, a husband, a house and garden that also demand attention? Not to mention honorary offices? I really am satisfied with me.

Goal No. 4: Collect less and craft more!
Uh, ah, well, comparing my purchases with those of the last years, than acutally I have bought less but not so much as I had hoped – there are to many ideas in my head. And then there are all the free offers that tempt me. And when I cannot embroider, because of the broken machine, then I have to dream about projects and collect designs …

Now, then, written enough for today. Now our special Easter dessert waits for me – a Pas’cha (a russian cream cheese deserts with raisins and almonds) – so gorgous! And if I do not hurry, than my dear husband will have eaten all of it alone – and for me there is only the nice picture of this post to enjoy.

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