Do you know Lutterloh?

Last week on Saturday I visited a workshop in a fabric shop quite spontaneously. There was introduced the patternsystem „Golden Cut“, that 1935 was invented by a German seamstress. It was promised, that with it everyone can make fitting pattern within 10 min. Could that be true?

The system is based on the insights of Leonardo da Vinci on the proportions of the human body. For example your last two phalanxes of the index finger are as long as your nose. This is of absolutely no use but quite funny, isn’t it?

But back to the subject: The Lutterloh patterns look as if done for a Barbie doll and need to be enlarged up to your own measurement. Therefore only two measurements are necessary: the upper chest measurement and the hip size. To the system belongs a special measurement tape with which to enlargen the pattern. This special tape has at one end a tape from 50 to 140 with little holes at every number.

So how do get now from mini model to my pattern? Firstly I tape the mini pattern in the middle of my cutting paper. Then I stick a needle through the special tape at number 100 (my chest measurement) and into the cross on the middle of the pattern. Now I aline the tape along the line of one of the pattern point above the waistline, search the number which is next to the point on my tape and make a dot on the cutting paper. This I repeat with all point above waistline. For the points below waistline I need to stick the needle trough tape and cross at the size of my hip.

Having done all dots I connect these with the help of the curvy rulers and also transfer the lines for grain, buttons and so on. Now I have the raw version of the pattern that needs to be adjusted to my figure. Is there need of shortening or lengthening? Where do I need the darts? After that my personal pattern is ready. When cutting the fabric I need to remember to add the seam allowance.

The kind man that introduced the system to us had shown the principle with the example of one of the ladies, who had a small and slender figure. Then he wanted to show how the patterns change with a different figure. His choice fell on me, as I was almost two heads taller than the first lady and with my pearlike figure obviously different. He took my measurements and then wanted to show the process again. But I asked him to do it myself. Watching him again would not have taught me more than the first time. He was to taken aback to dissent with me. Tough having done this job for quite some years he never had experienced this, as he said later. Well, as I had seen it before I enlargened the pattern with my measurements and it was really as easy as he had said. Much faster than printing, taping and cutting the ebooks that I am accoustomed to.

Therefore I was convinced and bought the system which consists of a binder with 280 patterns for women, men and children as well as the tools (special measurement tape, needles, two curvy rulers).

During the last week I browsed through the binder and found actually 52 patterns that I find quite interesting. If I do all these I will busy for some time and will not need any of the addional booklets.

I am curious how I will like the systems as there are no explations on how to assemble the pieces in contrast to the ebooks. Afterall is done by a seamstress who knows how to sew.

Well, let’s see how long I need to take courage to try a pattern? Which one will it be? I will keep you posted…

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