Curtain for orderliness

In order to give my shelvs in the sewing room a tidy appearance and to prevent them from being dusted, I had sewn a curtain. But after two years I do not like the pleaded look anymore. So when I saw the pretty shelf design fabric last October at the dutch fabric market, I knew that I wanted to replace my curtain with it.

Now I have finally taken the time to sew the new curtain. My piece of fabric was 112cm high and 143 cm wide but I needed 126 cm of hight and 150cm width. So I made a dark brown canvas frame. Though I measured several times the final meausurements are still a little bit too small. On the right side there are 2 cm missing and at the bottom 4 cm. I really do not know where my error was. How dissappointing! But still I do like my new curtain very much.

Well, I can live with the smaller width but not with the lesser hight. So I will redo the bottom piece and make it longer some day or other. And perhaps doing that I will see what my error was.

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