Who is Paul?

Last October my daughter and her friend had bought fabric to sew the girl’s shirt Pia by pattydoo. Back then we also bought fabric for my son, if he also wanted to sew. But he did not want. Now he wanted!

A couple of weeks ago he chose the boy’s shirt Paul, also by pattydoo. Finally he had the drive to sew and chose a combination which was not suggested in the pattern: a short-sleeved hoodie-T-Shirt with a cangaroo pocket. As the hood is more for the looks than for warmth, we left out the lining.

Most of the work he did by himself: assemle the pattern and cut it, cut the fabric and sew with the serger. My help was needed only a little: with placing the pattern on the fabric, with sewing the cuffs and the curves at the sleeve as well as doing the cangaroo pocket. Now we are both very proud: he because of his new stylish shirt and I of him!

For winter he wants to sew Paul with a warmer fabric and long sleeves. This time we did the second but last size of the pattern and I hope that in half a year the biggest size will still fit him.

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