Review of my spring patchwork workshop

Now it is already a fortnight that my patchwork workshop is over. Though this time I have not done a big embroidery quilt but had plans for several smaller projects.

So this were my ideas for the patchwork workshop and the results of my working on them:

  • working on the esoterical wall-hanging: As I only could have done some minor work as there are still some embroideries to be done I postponed this task until it was too late for it. But since then I have started on redoing some the order of some blocks.
  • sewing another windmill tote: During the test stitching of the easter bunnies for Individual pieces I had prepared 12 of the outside squares for my Easter windmill tote. During the workshop I cutted the remaining 4 outside squares and the strips for the inside but did not have time to finish it. But being thus prepared I did it during the following week in little steps.
  • making seasonal table mats: I was not in a seasonal mood so I did not pick up the work on the seasonal table mats until yesterday evening, when I at last finished the first of them.
  • sewing a bag for cutting mat and rulers: Two years ago during my first workshop one of the participants inspired me with her bag for her cutting mat and rulers. Since then I have been collecting fabric with sewing designs and rulers. Finally I had the time to make my own bag which took me a whole day – but I am very satisfied with it and proud of me.
  • patchworking a bookcover: I have sewed together the 10 pieces for the bookcover as I had planned it and learned that I calculated the seam allowances too small. Good that it was just a test!
  • and perhaps sewing a pillow cover and a bag for my son’s pirates’ quilt, if he wanted to join me: Well, he did join me and was very busy sewing a pillow cover and a Komebukuro bag. He had done both very well and the two of us have been busy with it for 7 hours. The Komebukuro bag is easy to sew, has lots of design possibilities and look gorgous. Though I think it is a little awkward to handle at least in this size of 54 square cm.

Before the workshop I worried that I might be bored having no big wall-hanging to do. But this was needless. Especially having my son with me that I needed to help, especially as he was doing the bag that I wanted to try. Though I have not finished all my planned projects I have done the important ones. The others can wait and will be done now by and by.

For November I definitely plan to be a part of the workshop again in order to finish my unfnished quilts. And it will even be more comfortable with my new sewing machine trolley that I got myself after the workshop.

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