A travel bag for the sewing machine?!

Since my first sewing workshop I always take my sewing machine with me in order to be certain of having a clean, working machine and of having all accessoires that I use at home at hand. As the parking deck is directly below the workshop rooms I always took the machine with only its dust cover. But this year it was quite hard for me as she is not light-weighed with its 11 kg.

My argument against a special transport bag was always that it would not be necessary for the two or three times per year that I want to take my machine with me. She would not be needed most of the time.

But as the carrying was so hard this year I changed my mind. I looked for a bag and found a pretty trolley in my favorite colors. The machine fits perfectly and I found a use when she is not.

The box with the rolls of embroidery stabilizer is 1cm too low for the lid to fit on. But now this box can be stored inside the trolley and be thus dust-covered. To take it out is easy and quick.

Now, as the transport is so much easier and sparing my hands and back I will look for further sewing classes.

How about you? Do you take your machine to classes? If so, how do you transport yours?

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