Workshop subsequent work – a mindmill bag

When I did the test stitching for the easter bunny and spring flowers for Individual Pieces a couple of weeks ago I knew immediately that I would do another windmill bag after the pattern of the Smilla Blog with them. This little project I had planned for the workhop but I did not have time for it.

During the workshop though I had time to cut the lining and the snappap (vegan leather by snaply) that I wanted for the base of the bag. Therefore I could sew the bag in little steps this week:

  1. sew the squares of the outside to strips and then to the bag
  2. sew the strips of the lining and add an inner pocket
  3. sew the straps (Oh, I hate the turning of them! It tooks ages and afterwards my fingers hurt. Thank God my dear hubby helped me with these.)
  4. join lining and outside, turn the bag, close the turning hole and sew along the seam

With my leopard tote I learned to sew an inner pocket from Niki Kinders video to the siren tote and I loved it. Therefore I added one to this tote also. But I did not think of was that by joing the strips the squares become rhombes. So now my inner pocket is sloped instead of straigt.

Another surprise after the turning was that some of the designs were not straight as I had planned. But I did not have the energy to open all seams and sew it again. So it is a very special tote now. Before I do another big one I will do a mini-version so that I can see how the pieces have to be joined to make the effect I want.

The snappapp at the bottom of the tote gives it a good form even without further stabilization. I like this type of bag and will certainly do another one some time in the future.

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