Workshop Day 3 – Bag for my cutting mat and rulers

At my first patchwork quilt workshop two years ago one of the participants had a self-made bag for her cutting mat and her rulers. I loved that idea and immediately put this idea on my project list. Since than I have been collecting fabric with sewing related designs and bought a small cutting mat (60cm x 45cm by Vorwerk) as well a several different patchwork rulers (by Omnigrid). And now I have finally found time to sew the bag.

The pattern I developed myself, as this was not difficult: a rectangle of 50cm x 70 cm without width, as the mat is very thin. The fitting fabric – a light blue with squares on it just as a cutting mat – I have bought last year in a sale at Stof&Stil at Esbjerg, Denmark. For the outsides I have used Decovil as stabilizer so that the bag is stable even without a mat in it.

On the outside I placed several pockets with colourful patchwork fabric with sewing designs on the outside and on the inside with the blue main fabric. The outsides of theses pockets are also stabilized bu.t with Decovil light. There are two pockets for rulers, one for the blade sharpener and two for for patterns. All five pockets can be closed with KamSnaps. The straps are also stabilized with Decovil light.

The most time consuming part of this project was the ironing of the Decovil, especially as it has to cool down for at least half an hour. But the result was worth the effort. Anouther participant asked me, why I used a wet cloth for the ironing on instead of just using the steam from the iron. A very good question that at first I could only answer with „because the explanation says it“. She found that to be too much effort. But I had enough time to think it over while ironing. Was she right? What would be the difference?

Laying the wet cloth over the fabric and the stabilizer gives more humidity to both of them than a mere steampuff can. Furthermore the iron does not give steam continually but in puffs so that during the 10 seconds that the iron should be on one spot there would be less steam than with the wet cloth. Therefore I think that the wet cloth makes a stronger bond between Decovil and fabric.

Having finished the bag I am of course proud of the outcome. Nevertheless there are two points that could have been done better.

  1. The straps of the bag could have been mounted nearer to the middle of the bag in order to make her less bulging. If it does me annoy me too much, I need to use another KamSnap in the middle. Furthermore the straps could have been a little broader but I did not have enough fabric for that.
  2. The last seam on the top of the bag which keeps outside and lining in their places was so difficult as the Decovil made the bag very stiff. I did not manage to make a straight seam even though my husband helped me with holding the bag while sewing. To hide the waverly seam I glued a decorative ribbon over it. Had I used non-contrasting thread in the bright main fabric colour instead of dark contrasting thread perhaps the waves would not have been noticeable.

I almost think that the curvy seam was providence so that I could use my pretty ribbon that I had bought at Snaply some time ago.

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