Workshop Day 2 – Patchwork Bookcover

I have been doing quite some test stitching and thought about using these for a cover of a photo book: Taking 2 by 2 squares of 14 cm² and a strip of 7cm width with text on it for one side of the book. Though I have not yet enough squares for a complete cover, only about half of it but enough for testing my pattern during the patchwork workshop.

A test sewing was a very good idea as I have found out. After joining the pieces I noticed that I did not calculate enough seam allowance. So this cover would be to small in hight and width. Of course, this is corrigible with some addional fabric strips but the picture as I had in mind was different.

With these experience I now can adjust my pattern and start another test as soon as my machine is repaired.

The designs I used in the test stitchings are from EmbroiderLibrary and FruBlomgren.

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