Workshop days 1 and 2 – Accessoires for the pirates’ quilt

After the excitement of my daughter’s needle accident at the end of my November quilt workshop I had planned to participate in the spring workshop without children. But because my embroidery machine is broken I could not finish my embroidery quilt pieces as I had hoped. So, when my son absolutely wanted to join me in order to make a pillow and a bag complementing his pirates’ quilt I agreed. Therefore he joined me for two days and was very busy.

From his fabric scrabs he sewed four 50cm long strips together, five times as the outsides of his bag and for the front of the pillow. As backside of the pillow he used the same fabric with which he did the backside of the quilt. He also added a zipper.

Friday evening he finished his pillow and was very proud of himself. Very happy and contend he slept with quilt and pillow during that night.

This success made him want to finish his bag on Saturday. As pattern he had chosen the Komebukuro bag by Oakshott as this looks similar to a duffel bag and could easily be done with a bottom form the size of the pillow (50x50cm). The four outsides he had done the previous evening, so on Saturday he had to do the lining with additional inner pocket, the slings for carrying and the assembling of all pieces.

As I am so happy with the stabilization of my Leopard tote I wanted this quilt bag likewise stabilized: the bottom with Decovil and the outsides with Vlieseline H630 which is also ironed on. The ironing I had to do in oder to make it last. Piece for piece it has to be ironed on for 15 sec. For this my son does not yet have the patience – after all there were 1.25 square meters that needed to be stabilized with quite a small iron.

Another disadvantage of the stabilizing was that sewing together these stiff parts was too difficult for my son so I had to do it. But he saw this more positive than I did: „Look, Mum, this way you also may sew something.”

The last seam of the outside was embellished with pieces of ribbon with pirates symbols. Oh, we both were so proud when we „birthed“ the bag after 7 hours of work! Pillow and quilt fit easily inside and there is even room for his pajamas, some stuffed toys and his toilet bag. So this is a perfect weekender! And just in case it may also work as a one-man tent…

At the very end I was asked to sew the little wooden label which the teacher had gifted him last time onto the bag. Now we only need a poper rope for carrying the bag which we will buy during our summer holiday in Denmark at the rope maker in the Esbjerg museum.

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