About the happiness having finished a sewing project

This weekend was dedicated to my participation at the crazy patchwork quilt workshop. As I have reported before this time no big embroidery quilt was due but several smaller patchwork pieces without quilting.

Of course I had planned to much, as everythings takes longer in reality. Furthermore my son had decided to do some accessories to his pirates’ quilt so that he joined me for half of the workshop. During this time my work was to support him. In the next days I will report on that as now this would be too much for me.

Actually he did finish his big project. Afterwards I had also time to start and even finish a long dreamed project. With the results I am very contend and proud that I finally did it. On this also more in a couple of days.

After the workshop I was so full of energy that I started to tidy up my sewing room. As it seemed to me that I had taken half of my equipment and material to the workshop the room was quite empty. Therefore it was easy to tidy and clean the workspace. Afterwards I emptied all my bags back into the room. Now I am totally spent but happy to have been so productive this weekend.

Now I will happily browse through my pictures that I have taken from the other participants’ work. Some of these are shown in the pictures of the day. With these I will dream of possible future sewing projects …

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