Where to put all the rulers?

That you need so many rulers for sewing I would not have believed when I started. But with time and sewing projects the need for rulers grows. By now I have a long ruler for cutting half the fabric width, French curves for adjusting patterns and several patchwork rulers. After a while there was the question where to store all those rulers to have them out of the way but at the same time always easy and fast accessible.

In several sewing groups I have seen fantastic bags for rulers. Such a project is already on my (long) project list. Until I have reached that position in my list I needed a workaround. Therefore I hung my rulers with tranparent sticky hooks by Tesa at the side of my cupboard. Only my curves, that I got as a birthday presen from my dear friends, could not hang this way as they are quite thin and without a hole. The bag that they came in was a little bit too short. So what could be done?

6 weeks ago I have made a transparent bag for walking my Frida pillow as part of the #1KFridas art event around town. There was still some of the transparent plastic tablecloth left. So I used this material to make a fitting ruler bag and now all my rulers are hanging at my cupboard.

Well, let’s see when I will find time to sew a nice bag for my rulers to replace this interim solution… Which rulers do you have? And how do you store yours?

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