International women’s day – a party day?

Today is the international women’s day and several collegues were congratulating me. A friend told me that in her organisation the boss gives roses to all women. Isn’t that somehow sneering at us?

Since the 8th of March 1921 the internation women’s day is held annually to remind of women’s rights, to fight for women’s suffrage and emanzipation. The day was adopted by the United Nations in 1975, the year of women (more in wikipedia) .

Though there has been some change during these last 98 years there is still work to do. There are still several countries in the world where women are not allowed to vote, are not allowed to drive a car, are not allowed to lead a self-determined life. Even in the western societies there is still work to do until our daughters can live in an emancipated society:

  • where women get the same amount of money as the men doing the same work
  • where women have the same chances for a career
  • where women are not frowned at when doing the tradional work as housekeeping, child raising, care of the elderly, charity
  • where women and men are equally represented in all fields of life as they are in society
  • where women can live self-determined just as men do

A good starting point would be if we women would stand together as men do, if we would uplift each other instead of stabbing each other in the back. Today is the day to remind us that we need to fight for our rights and our self-determination every single day.

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