My little green cactus

is not standing on my balcony as the Comedian Harmonists sang 1934 for the first time but next to my sewing machine. While sewing I listen to the CD of the Max Raabe concert I visited lately, who also sings a Hurrah to the cactus.

But why is a cactus now standing next to my sewing machine?

As one of my last embroideries I did the test stitching for Indiviudal Pieces’ in the hoop cactus design. But over my broken machine I totally forgot about it. And while filling the hug-it dolls for my children I remembered the cactus. And so I finally filled it also and finshed it.

Isn’t it now doing a fine job in his glass filled with decoration gravel from IKEA as my new pinchusion next to the sewing machine? I like the fringe flower best!

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