Hug-it dolls

After having done my leopard tote bag and my turtle tote bag from my first order with Lisa Bees NameFabric I ventured the surprise gift that came with my parcel.

At first I was sceptical if my children that are reaching puberty would like such a self-made doll. But my mind was taken off this worry as soon as the children had seen the fabric. They were enraptured about their names in their favorite colours on the fabric. For the backside they chose the backside of old favorite T-Shirts of which I collect the front sides for a T-Shirt-Quilt.

And I liked this project, too. A lot of little work steps that can be done quickly inbetween other work:

  • cut the fabric for the backside
  • pinning
  • sewing just the one seam on the outside (now it already feels like almost finished)
  • cutting along the outside with pinking shears
  • cutting along the seam every inch
  • turning
  • filling (What surprised me was how much wadding fits into the dolls. For both of them I used half a bag of watting (ca. 150g))
  • closing the opening through which it was turned
  • finished!

I would like to have more projects of this kind.

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