Luck with dices

During my childhood there were only some parlour games: skat or rummy, ludo or monopoly, yahtzee. That was the whole range. Ludo was a horrible game for me, as only Dad was allowed to win…

But after I had grown up the game sector grew and I discovered a whole new world of games, that were much more interesting and fun.

The best weekend pastime was meeting friends to play games. For me it was never important to win but to play together. When our children were born naturally the time for these gatherings became less and less. But meanwhile the children have grown so much, that we can play all our games with them when time permits.

The big games like Settlers of Catan or Dungeons and Dragons take time so these are for long weekends or the holidays. But quick games that we love are the card game Phase 10 or dice games like Quixx, Quinto and Qwantum.

Which games make you happy?

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