Patchwork workshop ahead

How fast time passes. Yesterday I discovered that my next quilting workshop is already due next weekend. In November I had planned to finally finish my esoterical themed wallhanging then. In January I additionally joined my first sew-along where I tried the quilt as you go technique. But after I had done the first half of the designs my embroidery maschine had a defect and I am still waiting for the spare part to arrive. So I can do neither of the projects that I wanted to do during the workshop. That is why I almost cancelled it yesterday.

But why do I always have to do big project during the workshop? I have so many project ideas and so little time why should I not use such a weekend full of time to sew?

So I have thought about what I could use the time for:

  • working on the esoterical quilt: Since it the pieces are hanging on a magnet board next to my bed and I look at them daily I find places that I would like to change, so I will do that
  • sewing another windmill tote: From my test stitching the easter designs for Individual Pieces there are quite a lot of squares left. My children would be happy to have an Easter themed bag for collecting Easter eggs.
  • making seasonal table mats: During the last workshop I started to make seasonal table mats. They are cut and the backside is fixed. Only the bias tape is missing.
  • sewing a bag for cutting mat and ruler: In my first quilt workshop two and a half years ago one of the participants brought her cutting mat und her ruler in bag that was specially made for this purpose. I loved the idea and wanted to have such a bag ever since. Last year I already bought the fabric, well actual several with different sewing related designs, for this purpose. So now is my chance to make my bag.
  • patchworking a bookcover: I have a picture book with a worn-out cover. And I have lots of squares from test stitching. So I will use these squares to make a patchwork cover for my book.

With so many project ideas I will go like a burro to the workshop but will have no chance of boredom. And perhaps, who knows, my son wants to join me, as he wanted to add a pillow and a tote bag to his pirate quilt.

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