Do sirens have fur?

My plan had been to finish my new Leopard Tote (NameFabric by Lisa Bee) already last weekend. But first I had a problem with how to mount the straps which I adressed in the fangroup. After that was ressolved then there was some of the hardware missing, which I had to reorder at Snaply.

The help from the fangroup was marvellous. I did understand what my problem was, and additionally I was recommended a gorgous video on how to assemble the SirenTote (by XOXO Lauren). Niki Kinder shows and describes in her video very detailed every single step plus two additinional details, which enrichens the bag even further.

My problem with the straps could have easlily been ressolved by folding the straps one more time lenghtwise. But I had used the normal Decovil on the straps and with another fold they would have been too stiff. Furtherhmore I wanted wider straps for more comfort on the shoulder. So, in order to have strap taps with the same width as the straps (in contrast to my turtle bag, where the strap taps are much smaller than the straps) I also used the white around the strap tap print. As the white is on the inside after sewing it cannot be seen. My worry was that if I use the wide side of the strap taps there would not be enough fabric to mount the hardware. Luckily that did not prove true.

The two additional details that are not part of the pattern but were described by Niki are an inner pocket and a magnetic close. Both very neat so I had to do them, especially as there was fabric for the pocket supplied by Lisa Bee. The piece for the pocket was supposed to be folded but then the pocket would have been too small for my taste. So I found an additional piece of cotton to use as that part of the pocket that you do not see.

Though my new tote is not yet perfect I quite proud of it. Isn’t it a highlight with the wonderful design and the snap close in gunmetal look?

I wish I had seen the video before I started sewing. Some things would have been a lot easier. But this way I have a good reason to order the third design of the siren tote for me …

What would I do different the next time?

  • use only Decovil light on the straps and strap taps
  • use Decovil light also on the bottom of the lining, in order to keep the lining in the bag down
  • sew the inside pocket before sewing the lining together
  • sew the outside with the sewing machine instead of using the serger

But before that I want to do my reading pillows and the dolls for the children. Having had so much advantage by watching the video I will go search for videos on these projects also.

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