More light?

Driving in the evening I detest the new bright head lamps on the opposite lane. But sewing with my serger I think I need more light. The light bulb seems to get dimmer each time I use the machine.

So when I was at my mechanics with my defect embroidery machine I asked for a LED light. Well, my machine is so old that the modern plug base does not fit. The good message is, that there are also LED bulbs with a screw cap but the bad messag is that this has to be ordered and will take some time to be delivered.

But on the other hand, I am sewing on this machine now for almost 20 years with the light bulb (and I really do think that it is still the original one with which I have bought it), so it will do for another couple of days. What kind of light do you use with your serger?

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