What happiness is to one

Today was a wonderful spring day: blue sky withoud any clouds, almost no wind, the sun was strong enough to give us very nice 15°C – perfect for sitting in a beach cabin or to walk through the forest. Such Sundays I could have always.

For me this springlike weather that we have had for a couple of days already feels like a fountain of youth. I am feeling fresh and alive, full of zest for action and energy. Gorgous!

On the other had I know that what is so good for me is not good at all for nature around me. It is still February – mid-winter. There should be snow and cold:

  • So that the vermin in soil and seas will be reduced
  • So that the plants have time enough to recover
  • So that enough rain falls to compensate last year’s drought

Instead spring has begun. During the next few days it is supposed to be even warmer than today. I will enjoy it and hope at the same time that soon there will be rain again and that will not have another dry summer.

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