How to make the straps of the siren tote?

My plan for today was to finally finish my second Siren-Tote as I had the afternoon off. I was a little bit afraid of sewing the Decovil.

But my serger sewed this without any problems. Now I have done the lining, the outside and started with the two straps.

When doing my turtle siren tote I did not use stabilizer on my straps, so I could sew the long side and turn the tube. This time I used Decovil with the straps and now they are to stiff for this method. So I have to sew as it is described in the pattern of the Siren Tote by XOXO Lauren. This means ironing in half long ways to find the center, than ironing the raw edges to this center and sewing them at 1/8’’ along both sides. It would have been easier if I could have used a bias tape maker but my biggest tape maker of 5cm was too small for theses straps. So I had to to it the common way which was not so easy with the stiffness of the Decovil.

The straps are supposed to hold with carabiners to rings at the bag. The ring will be fastend to the bag with a small strap tap. But I cannot make it out how to do this. If I understand the pattern correctly than I am supposed to fold the strap tap also lenghtwise and prepare it just as the strap. But if I do that it would only be half of the width of the strap. That would look funny.

If I use the short length instead then the width would be perfect but the height seems to me to be not enough. Alternatively I could just make a serger seam in the lengthwise version but this would also be strange as there is no other like that.

In my picture the first version comes from the top and the second from the left. I have asked my question in the group of LisaBees NameFabric and hope that the experienced sewists will help be able to help me.

So maybe I will finish this bag on Sunday, as I have some family dates tomorrow. Let’s see…

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