How to stabilze fabric?

As the new race for my embroidery machine is not yet delivered I cannot embroider. Therefore I „have to“ sew more. Though the actual sewing is usually only the smallest part of a sewing project. Mostly time is to be spent on preparing the pattern, cutting the fabric, pinning and ironing. Not to talk about choosing the project at all, as I do have so many ideas.

After I have been using so much time preparing last week I finally decided to do my leopard bag. As I wanted a lighter bag than my turtle ba I had thought to omit the stabilizer that is mentioned in the pattern. But the kind ladies in the NameFabric fan group advised against it. The bag would look better with some stabilizer. But what should I use?

For my turtle bag I had used a very thick felt but that seems to be too much. So what should I take? Devovil was advised in the group and to use the regular one for the outside and the light version for the lining. So I had ordered this type of stabilizer which is sold by the yard. It is fawn colored and has the touch of cardboard with coating on one side. It is supposed to be ironed onto the backside of the fabric. But how do I do this ironing?

The stabilizer came without instructions but with the internet it was easy to find them at the producer’s homepage (Vlieseline, which is Germam, so translation here by me):

  1. Lay the stabilizer with the coated side onto the backside of the fabric
  2. Cover with a damp cloth and then press the iron onto it step by step for 6 seconds
  3. Let it cool for 30 minutes laying flatly in order to let the stabilizer connect with the fabric

Sounds easy. So let’s cut quickly. Though, sewing related work never is quick with me. Cutting is the biggest hurdle for me – always afraid to do it wrong. „Measuer twice, cut once“ my great-grandmother had always said, and she was a seamstress!

Also using something new has to be done with care. Therefore I only did the outside bottom. So I can see, how the fabriv will feel with the ironed-on stabilizer and if I like it this way. Furthermore there is only the ironing board where I can leave the the fabric to cool lying flat there. So nothing else can be done today and the fabric has time enough to cool and dry.

I think I will only use the regular stabilizer on bottom and straps and will do Decovil light on the sides. The nice flowing lining I do not want to stabilize because then it would not be flowing anymore. Well, let’s see tomorrow.

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