Do not count every hour

of the day, but make sure, that every hour of the day counts. With this citation of someone unknown dear FruBlomgren inspired me this morning.

The other day I showed you the treasure bag for my son, that I made for his entertainment electronics for the long bus drive to Italy. A nine day long school trip going skiing – without the possibility to make phone calls. The parents got a daily update with pictures on the schools website, the children were allowed to get mail. From an educational point of view certainly a valuable experience! (But I had preferred to hear his voice once or twice during this time and hear him say how he is and if he likes it).

Of course, I was very happy for my son that he has such a chance to make this skiing experience. His big sister did the same trip two years ago and is still enthusiastic about it. Nevertheless I was afraid of him. On the one hand because he is picky with what he eats. On the other hand, both travelling and skiing are not hazard-free at all.

Thirty years ago I did not unterstand my mother’s worries when I went on school trips, but now I know. Since then not one year passed without reading about at least one deadly bus accident, even such a bus with children returing from that skiing holiday had a crash a couple of years ago. And thinking about skiing: During the 10 year lifetime of my son six well-known skiing athletes died skiing. Not to talk about the serious accident of the legendary race driver Michael Schumacher 5 years ago. And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

I did not cout every hour that it took to bring my son back home from this 9 day school trip as I had my daughter with me. We enjoyed having this intimita mother-daughter time (as Dad was away on a business trip). Nevertheless it was absolute bliss yesterday evening when the bus arrived and I could embrace my son, happy and healty. It is good to have all family members united again.

When my son tells his little stories I forget all time and the things that usually keep me occupied at weekends. If he had not retrieved to play LEGO … and I let him, so that we both can do more of what makes us happy knowing that whenever we are in need of a hug or kiss the other is there.

The picture show the embroideries on the sweters that the children wanted to have for their trips. The designs are by UrbanThreads (the country collages) and by EmbroiderLibrary.

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