How to say good bye to a retiring collegue?

When a dear colleague with whom I have shared a bureau for quite a long time is retiring I cannot just say goodbye but also want to gift a little something (hand-made of course). During the times of us sharing a bureau we also gave us little gifts, i.e. something from our holidays or even something hand-made. Once he gave me a self-drawn picture of cats which now hangs in my kitchen. Every morning this is the first thing I see and it still makes me smile.

As he love to motorcycle I had known for a long time that my present had to be adorned with a motorbike. My first idea was a T-Shirt but then I decided to do a creditcard holder (design by ITH by Sher) and a zipper bag for the keys. These are practical, small and handy. On my machine I added his name – ready is this very personal good-bye present.

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