How to convert procrastination into something useful?

Oh, do you know these days? I have been so looking forward to have a free afternoon for tackling one or other sewing project. And know I have already the fourth afternoon in a row free, because my son is away with his class, but I did not have any desire to do anything. Just sitting in an armchair, feet up and doing nothing was all I wanted to do. Perhaps a little reading, scrolling through a sewing journal or dozing a little. That was, what I wanted to do with my special spare time. Of course there was also a little bit of bad conscience, because I did not use the time for my sewing projects. But then I rembered a little trick with which I could do both without a feeling of remorse.

In one or other book about time management I had read, that you should spent every day at least a couple of minutes with what is important to do rather than wait for the big moments. And so I did spent each day at least a quarter of an hour with preparations.

Day 1: Clean my workspace to have room enough for working. This time I actually had to put away my thread spools myself as usually my son does this for me with delight

Day 2: Checking patterns, chose and print

Day 3: serging fabric and wash it (not for the chosen project, but for the next one after this)

Day 4: ironing fabric and prepare for sewing, like marking the pieces or stabilize them

As my next sewing project I have chosen my leopard tote from Lisa Bees NameFabric, which is made to fit the pattern of the Siren Tote by XOXO Lauren. Just as my turtle tote that I did last autumn for the holidays. This fabric set is not only gorgoues because of the design and colours it is also perfect for me in this situation as the biggest hurdle for me to get started is to cut the fabric for my project. This is to be omitted here, as the panels arrived precut! Thank you for that!

Last time I used a thick mat of fibers as a stabilizer, which gives her a good stand but also makes her quite heavy. Accordingly to the pattern outside and inside fabric should be fortified with a woven stabilizer and the bottom with even a stronger one. But I am temptemd just to strengthen the bottom with an ironon stabilizer in order to have a light bag. Therefore I also would sew the straps directly to the tote without using carabines. What do you think?

And what are your strategies against procrastination?

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