Happiness lies in 3-4-time

After a very long time my husband and I went dancing again yesterday evening. Finally I could try my new dancing shoes that I bought 3 month ago specially for this occasion. Would they be so nice to wear as the assistant had said? They are not very handsome compared to my high-heels adorened with rhinestones but that would be nothing if they would really be comfortable.

Well, after three hours with a lot of dancing I am in raptures. They are really more like a second skin, my feet do not hurt at all. I love them! How I wish that I had had them twenty years ago when we went to train three to four times a week for a couple of hours.

Since then we only go Dancing a couple of times per year. But yesterday evening it really felt good. The swings were better than we remembered. Of course we have forgotten one or other step but that we are not perfect does not hurt us anymore. Now we only enjoy the movement and the music. And that our feet do not hurt for days afterwards thanks to the new shoes will hopefully enduce us to do it more often.

At least I have decided that I need to sew a new dress for the next dance event. Though I fit again in my old long dancing skirt (that also makes me very happy as it means that I have lost weight). But the length of it and the dull Black that I found so dressing back then I nowadays find quite dull. I had thought about wearing my black-and-white Marie (pattydoo) but was afraid that while swinging the skirt would fly too high. Therefore I would like to make another Marie with a longer skirt or perhaps an Eliza (pattydoo) which still awaits me to test sew it.

And I need to embroider my shoe bag. Firstly because it is so dull – empty back side and only the logo on the front.

Secondly that there is no chance of mix-up with other peoples’ bags. Let’s see which of my collected designs will be best here.

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