How to store serger thread?

After my husband has build me a nice shelf for my embroidery thread I had the need to store my big serger thread cones as well. Those I do not use as much and my wall has little space left, so I wanted to store them somehow closed. So far they were lying in a transparent Samla-box by IKEA, but the thread was always making nests and the cones rolled around.

Against the nesting I orderd thread stoppers from Snaply but they were too small for my 5.000m and 10.000 meter cones.

But necessity is the mother of invention!

Well, my plan against birds nests had failed but at least my husband had a good idea against the tumbling cones: Why not try the principle of the shelf? And so he made long sticks which he put into a wooden board. This board fits perfectly into the Samla-Box. This way the 5.000m cones stand orderly in the box which is quite handy. Now I have two boxes this way – one for my cotton thread and one for the polyester kind. Isnt’t that great?

Meanwhile I had an idea, too, against the bird’s nests. For the 5.000m cones I took empty rolls of toilet paper, cut them and put them around the cones so the thread could not unwind anymore. But for the big 10.000m cones the toilet paper rolls were also too small. What should I do?

On my visit to the fabric market in the Netherlands I found the solution by coincidence when my friends and I were drinking coffee. I reported my problem and a friend suggested that I might use the paper mug cozy that at that moment prevented our fingers from being burned from the hot coffee. Said, tried and found it perfect! Those cozy are nicely printed and remind me of our nice excursion every time I use it. Isn’t that gorgous? It is only a pity that there are no smaller cozies to be had, as they are much prettier than the toilet paper rolls.

Unfortunately the 10.000m cones are too high to stand in the Samla-Box but as I only have 4 of them it is ok for them to ly in the box together with a couple of smaller ones. And so I have three boxes orderly packed with my serger thread.

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  1. Oh, I also hate, when the thread from the big cones unwind. To prevent that I cut a little nick into the bottom of the cone to put the end of the thread in. That also works great.

  2. Though I think that the cones look more like art if unsorted in a box it is of course better to have them organized. How about using a piece of old tights? You could cut the legs into rings that would stop the thread from unwinding.

  3. Very organized. If you do not like the toilet paper rolls, why do you not just take the big cozy apart, cut them smaller and reglue them? Or you could make ones yourself from colorful cardstock!

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