A donkey arrives per mail

Last autumn I had ordered name fabric for the first time at Lisa Bee in America. It had been an adventure for me to retrieve the parcel at the German customs. Back then I had chosen two sets for Siren-Totes by XOXO Lauren but have only sewn one so far – my turtle bag, which has accompanied my (or rather my husband) during our trip to Malta.

Today my next parcel arrived per post! (No visit at customs necessary!) Already the wrapping by Lisa Bee is charming! Now I have four reading pillow sets for my nieces and nephews for Christmas: Three times the Wonky Donky, even with the book in English (as this is not to be had in Germany), and one „ I need a new butt“-Set – isn’t that gorgous?! What a lovely surprise gift! Thank you, Lisa Bee!

Now I only need some time to sew these lovely pillows – luckily there is still a little time left until Christmas. And of course I want to sew my second bag soon. Looking forwad to it.

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