Treasure Bag

In a couple of days my son goes on skiing holiday with his class for nine days. 12 hours of bus drive one direction. The only electronical device that is allowed is a Nintendo. I never wanted to have that but 12 hours is quite a long time …

Well, so he got his Nintendo after all, and of course he needed a zipper bag for transportation and little bag for the game chips and the earphones. Naturally it had to be his favourite colour – green! And embroidered according to the purpose.

The big bag is a blank zipper bag 14x20cm by RockQueen adorned with the profile of a game controller (a free design by LaCocotteAuxCarreaux) as well as his name done in the Little Hero Font by PlanetApplique, which was free for a weekend some time ago. Isn’t that cute? Addionally the Techie-Stuff-Bag 10x10cm by ITH by Sher, which has also been a freebie some time ago and which I have done before.

Thanks to my experience with zipper bags by Individual Pieces and RockQueen I could do the Techie-Stuff Bag also with lining though the design was not made for that. I just had to redo several of the sequences which is quite easy to do using the back and forward buttons. Though it is a little big ennoying and I need to be very focused upon the task (otherwise I would have to use the seam ripper – which of course would never ever happen to me).

At last I have used a small piece of the faux leather for a device cord wrap by Embroidery Garden (which is a freebie there forever) with initials done with the monogram function of my machine. Therefore I have done the dieline of the cord wrap twice on the stabilizer, so I would know where to place the fabric. Then I have done the monogram on the first place, cut the piece out of the stabilizer and used as the backside of the second cord wrap, which close with KamSnaps.

My son is enraptured! And can hardly wait for the journey to begin.

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