Happy non-pareil

After having put away the last pieces of christmas decoration yesterday peace and quiet return to my life. I even have time to look into the books I got for Christmas.

So I found my present from St. Claus – the 99 lists to happiness book. Today I was asked, which 3 tipps I got from friends were enrichening my life. A very good question as we get so many advice daily some helpful some rather wearing.

For me these 3 were and are really an enrichment:

  1. Do more of what makes you happy, is written at the wall of friends who established their hobby into a good business. In my family acquittal, performance and usefulness were foregrounded, to have fun was frowned upon. Therefore I denied myself my embroidery machine and a modern sewing machine for a long time. That I finally indulged myself with both of them, I do not regret at all (only that it took me so long to do it). Working with them and the results are a source of daily pleasure.
  2. Take pictures of all your creative work, a friend advised me, that much longer than I is sewing and crafting. Since I do that, I can browse through my pictures when I am feeling low and unproductive. Then I do see what I have done already, am reminded that all these creative doings take more time than you thought before and this makes me feel better instantly.
  3. Do not compete with others, you are uncomparable, another friend wrote on my birthday card the other day. This is a very wise saying in our meritocracy. Everywhere there are only superlatives – the best, the fastest and the most beautiful. There are so many TV-shows in which these are elected though most of these things are not measureable. I do not watch these shows as they make me feel low when something I like is not reviewed positively. My taste often is not mainstream. As long as I measure my doings with others I only can be dissappointed as there is always somewhere someone who can do it better. And our time of internet and social media these people are easy to detect. For example there is this young pretty woman in a sewing group who presents a pretty self-made dress every week. She can sew so much better than I and is much more productive. In contrast to her I do have family, honarary posts and an ambitous job so that I do not have so much time for sewing. Therefore I do not have to feel bad about only accomplishing one dress every three months. And so I could find for everything I do a comparison which makes me feel bad on first sight. But since I remind myself that my situation is uncomparable I feel uncaged.

I still do feel myself uneasy at times but I work on remembering those helpful hints and feeling better day by day.

And what advice has enrichend your lives?

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