My fridalicous contribution: a mermaid pillow

It is already a week since I took part in the #1KFridas event with my Frida pillow but I have not shown it here completely.

So I do that now. On the fabric showing a pretty mermaid habitat which I found at the Swedish furniture company I stitched a Frida mermaid, 2 of her friends (Nympha and Sirena) as well as an interested fish. All made „By FruBlomgren“ which I also put on the pillow that now adorns my sewing armchair.

I had hoped that by now the artist Theodore Carter who initiated #1KFridas would publish some numbers on how many Fridas were contributed, how many artists took part from which countries. But it seems that the counting will take a while. At least he is showing lots of inspiring picture on his facebook account.

And thanks to these two events I finally have the pillow that I had imagined one and a half years ago.

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