Two wishes fullfilled with one item

For years I have been wishing for two things: a folding screen and a pinnboard. The folding screen I wanted to be able to close the big passage between eating and living room. So that I need not see my son’s lego paradise there, or that the children playing there do not feel monitored when their mothers are drinking coffee next door. And the pinnboard I wanted to sort out ideas or to display holiday pictures and postcard.

In so many furniture stores I have looked for such a screen. But either it was too small or not robust enough or made from the wrong material. At last I have done a blueprint and asked my husband to make one to my liking. But he does not seem to have the time to do it (or perhaps he is fed up with making things for me after doing my gorgous thread shelf?)

And concerning the pinnboard he always asked, where this would be standing. And of course he is right, a really good place for it we do not have. We would have to move it constantly. So I have been very reasonable and abstained from it. But the other day a lady in the sew-along group told about her felt board where she pinns her quilt pieces, and so my wish was revived.

Therefore I did some research on the internet last weekend and found the perfect solution for my two wishes – a folding screen made of pinnboard! Without hesitating I ordered and it was already delivered today. Together with my son I build it up and am now the happiest of women.

My husband was very sceptical when he saw the parcel, but as soon as the mobile pinnboard was standing, he asked me if he could borrow it some time. Of course he can, with the bag that belongs to it the pinnboard can be very easily transported. That was important to me, as I do not want to have it standing all the time.

First thing I pinned were some quilt blocks with the 12 Days of Christmas.

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