Little notch – big issue

Since last week I am fighting with embroidering a quilt pattern. Either the thread snaps or is making bird’s nests, under the embroidery or in the upper thread way. Every 100 stitches one or other problem occurs.

Of course I know that is not the fault of the embroidery design but that there must be something amiss with my machine. Therefore my husband and I took my machine apart, cleaned it thoroughly and oiled it as it is described in the manual. Very impressive how much fluff, lint and grease we found though I regularly clean the bobbin area and the thread ways.

What I did not know so far was that lint is collected in the scissor area. I had thought that there was a piece of felt as it is below the bobbin. Instead it was quit a big piece of lint the size of a Q-Tip.

I really had hoped that after the cleaning the machine would work again without a problem. Indeed the stitching looked better and it took a little longer until one or other problem occurred, but still there was something amiss. So I contacted my dealer, and he offered me to come today, which I gladly did.

My dealer is a very good mechanic, repairing lots of sewing and embroidery machines. A very good specialist who on first sight identified the cause of my problem. There were two notches in the bobbin race Where the thread is rubbing and breaking or gets caught. Well, this seems to be the tribute to be paid for all those ITH-project where the needle broke because of to much material to go through.

With a grindstone the mechanic tried to even the notches, you still can see the place but not feel it anymore with the fingertips. But sadly a thread is more delicate than a finger tip. Though the stitching has improved much but the problem I descibed at the beginning of this post is still there.

Now I need a new race. If this is to be had alone or if the whole unit has to be exchanged my dealer will discuss with Janome during the next days – he never had this problem during his long years of work. Well, how much will those needle breaks cost me? And how long will it take to be repaired?

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