#1KFridas – fragment of art

I did it, I really did it! I took part in the event of artist Theodore Carter – „Night of 1.000 Frida Kahlos“ today (25th of January 2019).

Therefore I have sewn a „Frida and friends“ pillow embroidered with the lovely designs by FruBlomgren. This pillow I have carried in a self-made tote bag from clear vinyl through the inner city of Aachen and took pictures at sight seeing point – in front of the dome, at the foutain „circle of money“, in a café and other places.

With 3 Fridas I had registered and planned the pillow, a big card with the logo of the event and a doll. But I ran out of time and could not do the doll in time. So I took instead my christmas placemat with the Frida angel.

Frida mermaid and 2 Frida angels (all designs by FruBlomgren)

I really was fun day strolling around town today with my bag full of art in hommage to Frida Kahlo!

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