Embroidery with fringe

Besides embroidering for the 12 Days of Christmas Sew-along and the Fridalicious contest I tried out a new tecnique – fringe

Fringe designs are digitized with rows of specially long satin stitches. After the stitching the bobbin thread on the backside is cut on these satin rows. Then you can get the top thread to the front to have the fringes. Sounds easy but it is quite some work.

For cutting the bobbin thread I used first a cutting knive, but that did not only cut the thread but also the fabric. Then I used a seam ripper which does not cut the fabric but may hit the finger, autsch. Using very pointy scissors works best for me

After cutting you have to bring the top thread to the front. I used my fingernails to rub over the front until the thread came up. A dry tooth brush also works. Both methods take some time but the result is a highlight. What do you think?

Right now, I can only show details as the designs are not yet released. I will show more when they are.

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